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Our homemade peri peri sauces are amazing and packed with flavour. 
Infused with #portugueseness with South African flair.
For the love of Portugal, these sauces are amazing!

Apricot Whaam!

A fresh and fruit infused apricot peri peri sauce.All Fresh IngredientsApricots, Red & Green Chillies, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Onion, Coriander, Olive Oil, Vinegar, Lemon, Bay Leaves, Sa...


Eish! Bomba Da Bum

Our flagship. A high level of intense heat made with hottest peppers in the world. Limited edition. The Carolina Reaper. When something is crazy we in South Africa, we sum it up with one wor...


Famous Threepack

You get our 3 best sauces with 3 different levels of burn.You get Lipsmacker our baby in blueYou get Flippen Laka our best seller in orangeYou get Inferno our test for boundaries of heat in red.All pa...


Flippen Laka

Our original and most loved sauce. Perfect blend of fresh ingredients to give you a taste our heritage with a klap of South Africa. All Fresh IngredientsFresh Chillies, Black Pepper, Fresh T...


Habba Habba

The name says it all. No.. Not in that way. Its made with Habeneros hence the same. We know where you were going. We want you to imagine reading this with some Kenny G playing in the background. We gi...



To help you catch one ffrrrright or fright. Hellovaskrik. As in this sauce gave me one hell of a SKRIK. Made with ghost ???? peppers this is one times hot peri peri.All Fresh IngredientsGhost Peppers,...



Want something that will choon you shot. This sauce has more of a bite than a fat kid on a cupcake, but a hot cupcake made with lots of chillies. If you have hair on your chest, man or women, try this...


Jalapopit Like Its Hot

Feeling a bit green or you just like some jalapeƱos. Pronounced with a ggggg. We made a sauce for you. While it doesn't turn you into hulk ,it packs a punch. We give you Jalapopit like it's Hot A...



A very light and very mild sauce that is commonly used to marinate a chicken for that authentic Portuguese flavour or used to flavour bland food! Be the star of your own kitchen.All Fresh In...



A very fruity flavour blast in your mouth. This warm peri peri sauce is infused with fresh mango.All Fresh IngredientsBlueberries, Red & Green Chillies, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Onion, Coriand...


Special Edition Threepack

You get our 3 best sauces with 3 different levels of burn.You get Jalapopit Like Its Hot our best green seller - JalapenosYou get Inferno our our heat in a bottle You get Mangolicious our limited...