• Corne Di Toro

Corne Di Toro

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A Marios smokey sauce infused peri peri with Corno Di Toro chillie peppers.

All Fresh Ingredients

Corno Di Toro, Red & Green Chillies, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Onion, Coriander, Olive Oil, Vinegar, 
Lemon, Bay Leaves, Salt, Paprika, Honey, and Roasted Red Peppers.

Nice smokey flavour that is friend inspired by our friend, Corne for Polo Pony!



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Hillcrest Kwikspar - 34 Old Main Road, Hillcrest
Caltex Cotswold Freshstop - 105 Inanda Rd, Waterfall

Cato Ridge
BP Oasis - N3 Highway, Cato Ridge

Glenore Kwik Spar - Glenore Centre, 36 Park Drive, Glen Ashley

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